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Jungle Jamboree

July 22, 2024 - July 26, 2024

3-5 Years

Full Week: $160

One Day: $35

*all prices applicable to tax

Jungle Jamboree

Camp Description and Information

Welcome to Jungle Jamboree, a half-day summer camp designed exclusively for preschoolers (ages 3-5) that promises a wild and wonderful adventure for your little ones! Our vibrant and engaging camp is packed with a delightful mix of activities to keep young minds and bodies active, imaginative, and happy.

Exploration through Dance: At Jungle Jamboree, we believe in the magic of movement. Our little campers will embark on a journey of discovery as they explore basic dance techniques in a fun and supportive environment. With lively music and expert instructors, they will learn simple choreography that encourages self-expression and builds confidence.

Creative Crafts: Unleash your child's artistic flair with our exciting craft sessions. From jungle-themed creations to colorful masterpieces, our crafts are designed to stimulate creativity and fine motor skills. Watch as your preschooler's imagination comes to life through various hands-on projects, creating treasured keepsakes.

Playful Games: Our campers will engage in a variety of age-appropriate games that promote teamwork, coordination, and laughter. Whether it's an animal-inspired relay race or a jungle scavenger hunt, Jungle Jamboree ensures that every moment is filled with joy and excitement.

Outdoor Adventure: Nature is our playground! We've set aside time for outdoor play where your little ones can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Whether it's a mini nature walk, sandbox play, or simply enjoying the greenery, we believe in fostering a connection with the great outdoors.

Surprise Activities: At Jungle Jamboree, we love surprises! Our camp is designed to be flexible, allowing us to add exciting and spontaneous activities based on the interests and energy levels of our young explorers. From impromptu dance parties to themed storytelling, each day holds new surprises.

Nurturing Environment: Safety and well-being are our top priorities. Our experienced and caring staff create a nurturing atmosphere where every child feels valued, supported, and encouraged to shine. We understand the unique needs of preschoolers and tailor our activities to ensure they have a positive and enriching experience.

Join us at Jungle Jamboree, where each day is a new adventure filled with dance, crafts, games, and endless possibilities for your little one to create lasting summer memories!

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