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Bubbles & Beats

August 19, 2024 - August 23, 2024

3-5 Years

Full Week: $160

One Day: $35

*all prices applicable to tax

Bubbles and Beats

Camp Description and Information

Welcome to Bubbles and Beats - an ocean adventure where the magic of the underwater world comes alive through dance and play! Dive into an enchanting under-the-sea experience designed especially for preschoolers aged 3-5 years. Our Ocean Adventure Camp blends the excitement of dance with the wonders of the deep blue sea, creating a dynamic and engaging program that fosters creativity, coordination, and a love for movement.

Dance Delight: At Bubbles and Beats, our little dancers will embark on a journey of discovery as they learn foundational dance techniques and explore basic choreography inspired by the fascinating creatures beneath the waves. Led by experienced instructors, your preschoolers will develop their motor skills, rhythm, and self-expression through the magic of dance.

Creative Currents: Beyond the dance floor, creativity takes center stage with our ocean-themed crafts. From crafting vibrant fish to creating seaweed crowns, our campers will unleash their artistic talents while reinforcing their understanding of the ocean's beauty.

Sunshine & Sea Breeze: Outdoor play is an essential part of our Ocean Adventure Camp. Our little explorers will bask in the sunshine and enjoy the sea breeze as they engage in games, obstacle courses, and themed activities designed to enhance their gross motor skills and promote teamwork.

Immersive Activities: The adventure doesn't end with dance and play. Our campers will be immersed in a world of ocean-inspired activities, fostering a love for marine life and the importance of preserving our oceans. From storytelling sessions to interactive learning experiences, every moment is an opportunity for discovery.

Why Choose "Bubbles and Beats: Ocean Adventure Camp"?
Age-Appropriate: Tailored for preschoolers aged 3-5, ensuring a developmentally appropriate and enjoyable experience.
Holistic Development: Integrating dance, crafts, outdoor play, and themed activities for a well-rounded and enriching experience.
Professional Instruction: Led by experienced dance instructors who understand the unique needs of young learners.
Fun-Filled Memories: Creating lasting memories through laughter, friendship, and the magic of the underwater world.

Enroll your little ones in "Bubbles and Beats: Ocean Adventure Camp" for an unforgettable summer filled with dance, creativity, and the wonders of the deep blue sea! 

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