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Holidays In The Sun

July 22, 2024 - July 26, 2024

6 Years and Up

Full Week: $250

One Day: $50

*all prices applicable to tax

Holidays in the Sun

Camp Description and Information

Join us for an unforgettable week filled with rhythmic adventures, laughter, and a celebration of various holidays through dance, music, crafts, games, and activities.

Camp Highlights:
1. Diverse Themes: Each day of our camp is dedicated to a different holiday, providing a unique and exciting experience for our young dancers. From the festive cheer of Christmas to the luck-filled fun of St. Patrick's Day, and the colorful joy of Easter, our campers will immerse themselves in the spirit of each celebration.

2. Dance Extravaganza: Our professional dance instructors will lead energetic and age-appropriate dance sessions that blend different styles, ensuring that every child can find their groove. Whether it's a jolly Christmas jig, a leprechaun-inspired dance, or an Easter bunny hop, the choreography will be tailored to match the holiday theme.

3. Creative Crafts: Campers will unleash their artistic talents with holiday-themed craft sessions. From crafting Christmas ornaments to making St. Patrick's Day hats and decorating Easter eggs, every day brings a new opportunity for imaginative expression.

4. Holiday Games: Engaging and interactive games inspired by each holiday will keep the excitement levels high. Expect Easter egg hunts, Christmas present relays, and St. Patrick's Day treasure hunts, making every moment filled with laughter and friendly competition.

5. Musical Adventures: Our curated playlists will feature a mix of festive tunes, ensuring that the rhythm of the holidays permeates every dance step. Campers will explore the cultural and musical diversity of each celebration, fostering an appreciation for traditions around the world.

7. Grand Finale Showcase: The week will culminate in a spectacular showcase where campers will demonstrate their newfound dance skills, showcasing the unique routines they've learned throughout the week. Families and friends are invited to witness the joy and creativity that have flourished during "Holidays in the Sun."

Get ready for a week of dancing, laughter, and holiday-inspired fun at "Holidays in the Sun" – where every day is a celebration!

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