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Camp FAQ's

1. Where are you located?

Our address is 275 Hanlon Creek Blvd. We are at the back of the building, facing the Hanlon, between GrainteWorx and SV Law. 

2. What are the camp hours?

The full day (ages 6+) camp hours are from 9:00am - 4:00pm. Half day (ages 3-5) camp hours are from 9:00am - 12:30pm. We also offer complimentary early drop off and late pickup. Early drop off is from 8:30-9am. Late pickup for half days is from 12:30-1pm, and for full days from 4-4:30pm.

3. What types of activities will my child do at camp?

Each camp is different, themed, specially curated for the children involved. Each camp will include crafts, games, teamwork activities, outdoor play, and a whole lot of fun! For more information about specific activities, please see the individual camp information pages.

4. My child is almost 6. Can they do the full day camp?

NO! Our age restrictions are in place for a reason!

5. Who runs the camps?

Our studio owner, Miss Kelsey, will be running the camps. She is a highly skilled and experienced instructor, and she will have the help of assistant camp counsellors ages 13-19. 

6. How many children are in the camp?

We keep camps at a teacher/student ratio of 1:6 with no camp exceeding 20 participants. 

7. Do I need dance experience?

No! Our dance camps are designed to be fun intro courses that both dancers and non-dancers will enjoy. Additionally, some camps aren't dance camps at all!

8. What if my child misses a day?

From our terms and conditions: "There are no make-ups or pro-rating available for missed camp days. Camp fees are based on the entire session, and individual days cannot be refunded or credited." 

9. What should my child wear?

Your child should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in! T-shirts, shorts, anything they feel comfortable in.

10. What does my child need to bring?

You should pack the following for your child for each camp day:​

  • Water Bottle

  • Lunch 

  • 2 snacks

  • Change of clothes (just in case)

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen 


11. Can my child leave early or get dropped off late?

Yes! In order to do this, please notify us by email as soon as possible. 

12. Can my child be picked up by someone else?

Yes! In order to do this, please notify us by email as soon as possible. Please include the name and relation of the person coming to pick your child up. 

13. What is your illness policy? 

From our terms and conditions: "Children who are vomiting, have a fever, or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 may not attend camp. If a child begins to show symptoms during the day, they will be immediately quarantined, and a parent or guardian will be contacted to pick them up immediately."

14. What is your refund policy? 

From our terms and conditions: "No refunds will be issued for camp registrations, except in the event of camp cancellation due to low enrollment."

15. What if my camper has allergies or dietary restrictions?

Please include this info on your parent portal registration. 

16. What if my camper has medications?

Medications required by your camper during the camp day should be noted on their online registration form. When sent to camp all medication must be in its original packaging, stored in a plastic baggie, and clearly labeled with your camper’s name and dosage instructions. Medications must be turned in to the camp staff who will store them in a locked location and assist your camper with administration at the required time(s). Emergency medications will be worn by the camper or the staff as per the instructions parents provide.

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