About Us

Connections Dance Collective is Guelph's premier boutique family dance studio. At CDC, we believe that dance goes beyond the 8-count and, if done right, has the power to build confidence, teach life lessons, foster lifelong relationships, and change lives.

Connectivity is at the core of what we do. We ensure that every dancer feels seen, heard, and valued, regardless of commitment level or ability. We believe in continual learning, unconditional support, and 100% positive vibes all the time. CDC is a true family, and we are so excited for you to become a part of it!


Our Values


we strive to respect and foster authenticity in everything that we do. We are committed to letting our students connect with their authentic selves and will never ask them to trade their authenticity for approval.

(Not Perfection)

We encourage all our dancers to strive for excellence, but also to enjoy the journey along the way. We celebrate small victories, because we know they add up to big success.


Connections and relationships are the backbone of our collective. We are committed to building and maintaining a culture within our studio based on love, support, and friendship.


We aim to grow dancers who feel empowered in their lives both in and outside the dance studio. We empower our students by building their self-esteem, maintaining open and honest communication, and allowing them opportunities to make their own personal and artistic choices.